If you want to find out about idol lash ingredients  and are they natural and safe to use on skin  then keep on reading and get  your queries answered.

The biggest concern before using any kind of beauty product is whether or not it has any side-effects when used on the sensitive skin.This is perhaps the reason why many women prefer to keep eyelash enhancement products  at an arm’s length.They tend to use artificial clips on eyelashes. However now there is a product available called Idol Lash that will eliminate the need for such artificial products.Idol Lash is safe to apply around the eyes and has no side effects,clinically proven and has several thousands of successful woman users around the world who have used it with positive outcomes.

idol lash ingredients

The reason for this is that Idol Lash is made from 100% natural ingredients that are approved by doctors,and hence cause no eye irritation and is safer to use.

The essential Idol Lash ingredients include:-

  1. Potent Polypeptides – These help in strengthening and thickening of  the lashes.
  2. Vitamins and Proteins – Rejuvenate the lashes and provide shine and strength as well.
  3. Moisturizing and other rejuvenating agents – Moisturizing agents prevent the lashes from getting dry and the rejuvenating agents restore the lustre.

From the links provide next to the ingredient, one can find that they are suited and approved for cosmetic purposes.

None of these ingredients used in idol lash are harsh on the skin and all of them are non-carcinogenic. Not only are the ingredients used in making Idol Lash natural-sourced, but the product itself has been clinically tested numerous times in labs, just to make sure that it is safe for use. Several women who have tried Idol Lash are extremely happy with the results and also with the fact that the product does not have any side effects and idol lash ingredients are 100% natural.