It is more reliable to trust on a product if it is clinically proven and has been successfully used by others already with great results rather than trying out something new on the market.

Idol Lash is a clinically proven to work.This test was conducted on 15 subjects , who were aged between 24 and 82. For 2 weeks, the women were made to apply a conditioner with 10% Idol Lash 226EL. The product was applied at bed time, at the roots of the eye lashes. An eyeliner brush was used for the application. The results were measured using SigmaScan software.

At the end of 2 weeks, the women did observe an increase in their eyelash density. And by 4 weeks almost 82% of increase in eyelash density was observed.







During the course of the tests, none of the women complained of any irritation or side effects. The length of their eyelashes was also found to have increased by 25%.

Idol Lash contains vitamins and proteins which strengthen the lashes and prevent them from breaking. The roots get the necessary nutrition and hence grow strong from within. The moisturizing agents rejuvenate the lashes and restore the lost moisture. The conditioning agents soften the lashes and make them shine.

Idol Lash Clinical Tests

Pictures of Idol Lash Clinical Tests